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When it comes to promoting casinos, the options are limitless. There are thousands of online casinos to play on. Each country will usually promote it’s own casinos first and add other casinos from similar licences or countries (for example the same language).

In the UK there have been some significant changes to the law when it comes to gambling online. The changes happened a couple of years ago and continue to dominate the online casino industry today.

Any casino that serves UK players must be accredited by the UKGC and hold a relevant license for that region. Where it was before legal to play crypto casinos in England, for example, it is no longer the case. The idea was that it is a non cash business and can be played at from anywhere. But this has since changed.

Therefore, the rules for USA and other regions are far less strict. Generally the same/similar rules apply for Canada, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway, as they do in the UK.

China and other nations may have less rules about online gambling promotion.

The strict rules of the UKGC don’t allow any promotion only reviews, comparison and the sharing of bonus offers. No encouraging or promotional text (encouraging people to gamble) is allowed.

The reason the rules changed was because children were reportedly accessing free slot games. And it was claimed that these fairytale slots were aimed at children and getting them addicted before they were even old enough to play. So the demo games stopped in the UK. You can still play demo slots for free, only when you have registered and had a check that you’re an adult.

The credit check is now for everyone who opens a casino. Don’t worry about your players privacy, it simply confirms that they are above 18. It is usually instant but it can take up to 72 hours to confirm their details are correct.

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